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Hey, did I see your face in these pictures of our trip to Lancaster, PA on Thanksgiving weekend, 2004? If I did you might be in trouble. I cannot be responsible for the composition of these pictures because you were the one who controlled the content. Some are normal pictures but some are risqué and some downright offensive, but of course there are some normal everyday pictures. The trip started early at the campground in Massachusetts on a c..o..o..o..l..d Friday morning when a large group of dysfunctional people boarded the charted bus, and driven by the want to get away from all civilization,  were transported to Lancaster, PA which is like a step back in time (not all of it but enough of it). The ride over the George Washington Bridge through New York City is was definitely a thrill, interesting and adventurous.






A stop on the way at Giants Stadium to shop till you drop at a NY style flea market allowed the females (and some males) of the group to shop and spend, a thing they very much enjoyed, of course.








Our 3 day and 2 night excursion destination was the Black Horse Lodge in Lancaster, PA, which also has a fine Restaurant and Tavern where our always thirsty and hungry group spent much time devouring whatever was served and and poured into their glasses.














If some of you don't know what happened because of whatever reason then some of these pictures in the next few pages might refresh your memory.....or not. I am not responsible for the content as they only reflect what actually happened and captured by my camera. I'm glad I was on the other side of the camera which is where I like to be. It's safer. If you have any comments.... although it won't make me remove the picture you might not like... you can e-mail me at gguay@cox.net


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